All of my pieces are 'few of a kind’, designed and created by me; making them unique in their own way.  Designing textural colourful pieces with a high level of craftsmanship is always my end goal. 

Inspiration comes from my surroundings, whether walking the trails, visiting art galleries, admiring window displays or sitting peacefully by the ocean. 

My love for the fibre arts, started as a child, which eventually lead me into fashion design in the beginning, however, I found myself enamored by the fabrics themselves; the texture, colour, drape along with the actual weave structure of that fabric.  I knew I had found my passion when I attended my first weaving class.  The moment I sat down at the loom - the feel of the shuttle, the rhythmic movement of the shed rising and lowering and finally, the making of cloth. 

I take pride in using natural fibres such as silk, alpaca, merino, organic cotton and linen.  And equally important is the wear-ability of my handwoven scarves; therefore, all yarns are tested before becoming a part of my creations.  Each piece is based on a classic styling, with its own uniqueness, that is on trend, easy to wear but makes a statement.  In my housewares line, I use high quality organic cotton or a blend of cotton and linen for my tea towels.  These towels get better with age, so the quality of the yarns I use is very important to me.  Select scarves are naturally dyed using eucalyptus, cochineal, cutch, indigo, logwood, just to name a few.